"Chicken Wrangler"

Wiley is a __

College trained my left lobe teaching me numbers, critical thinking, how to write and how to read.

Post College has been an exploration in creativity.

Hopefully I will Combine the two one day.

For fun I enjoy:   GETTING WEIRD, public displays, freestyling, unconciouss explorations, reading jung, building costumes, paper mache, windsurfing..




7 responses to “ME!

  1. Another great post Wiley!

  2. Wiley,

    Love your site. Looks like things are happening in Oakland. I may be out there at the end of the year and would love to drop in. Thanks. Yours, Wayne Weiseman @ the Permaculture Project

  3. Allison Moss-Fritch

    Hi Wiley,

    Where did you find your Yacon crown to start growing it?

    My searching has not yielded many suppliers who can send to USA. If it would not be impertinent, I would truly appreciate any suggestions for acquiring a first few crowns!


    • You can buy Yacon crowns from Seeds of Change. They are a little pricey though. If you live in the Bay Area ask if they have any starts hanging around or visit Merritt College during the plant sale. I would send you one, but i’ve recently moved. keep in touch

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