Raw Oakland Honey

You can purchase our honey at the SF Underground Farmers’ Market.

Raw Oakland Honey

Please contact Citysown@gmail.com with any inqueries


8 responses to “Raw Oakland Honey

  1. heidi

    how do I get some of that sweat stuff??

  2. Where are you keeping bees? We recently bought a tiny house in East Oakland, and are carving out a garden, and hoping to start keeping bees.

    I’ve been taking classes and attending the Alameda Beekeeper’s Association meetings, but somehow I haven’t found a beekeeping mentor.

    • Hey Lisa,

      Great blog post on Serge Labesque. I would love to hear/learn more about his techniques. Is he lecturing anywhere soon that you know of? In April Raw Oakland will be looking for a few more spots and i’ll send you an email. Bee season is here! Found ~4 capped swarm cells in one of my hives yesterday. Close call… I made a split and shook some additional bee frames into the nuc box. Pretty cool to see the population growing. Let’s talk bees sometime.

  3. I’m not sure where else Serge Labesque is speaking. I’m not well-connected to the beekeeping community. Yet.

    His class was so utterly inspiring. When I first considered beekeeping, I sent off for a couple of catalogs, and was totally turned off by the medicalization of the whole endeavor. Pages and pages of antibiotics. It just seemed wrong.

    A friend is splitting her colony (in Alameda, which is home to tons of beekeepers) for me. The ladies are moving slowly, and I’m trying not to be impatient.

    And I’m hoping to get invited to assist on some swarm calls, because that process sounds so interesting.

  4. Judy Bonhiver

    I bought some of your delicious honey at Indu’s pot luck in May (Weston A Price) and it’s already all gone! I’m about to move to Minnesota and would love to take a jar with me to remind me of the sweet flavors of the Bay Area. Any chance I can get some before I leave on the 13th of July? I live in SF.

    • Judy,

      Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to you. I’ve been all over the place in the last 6 months. I have since moved form the Bay Area and sold most of my beehives. I hope Minnesota is going well. I will be posting from my new local on Citysown so keep in touch. Sorry about not gettting you any honey:(

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