Comming Soon!


Look out for some of these workshops:


Urban Aquaponics: Take a couple of 55 gallon drums and a bathtub.  Build yourself a catfish/talpia farm.

Bee Keeping Basics:  Introductory Langstroff Hive Basics.

Top Bar Beekeeping:  Learn how to build a top bar for super cheep.  This is a great “healthy” way of keeping bees.

Oyster Mushroom Production:  Learn how to innoculate grain spawn, grow cultures on agar and build your mushroom army.

Shittake Mushroom Logs:  Learn how to farm Shittake Mushroom Logs.

Lactobacillus:  Learn how to build super beneficial bacteria cultures for your plants.

Permaculture Basics: Learn how to build polycultures and design with multiple interacting elements

BUILD damn A POND:  Not sure if this one will go over will in mosquito land, but mosquito fish and a bubbler can take care of larvae

Herb Spiral:  Cullinary herbs in a spiral…….  basic permaculture element

Worm Bins

Rabbit Raising

Mead Making

Lots of other stuff



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